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The Human Mind Essay

After some time alone with you, I decided to move forward and show us the world!

- How so?

- I decided that we will be in a book!

- Seriously?

- You know those conversations that we have had? They will definitely come to life!

- Are you talking about these conversations? Our conversations all !?

- Maybe I'll make a selection of the most inspiring.

- And it will be possible to everyone to be able to read them?

- Yes, that's the idea. There are other beings who also have a "you" and an "I" just like we and may like to read us ...

- You mean we're not the only ones to talk with us?

- Yeah, we are even accompanied in this strangely mysterious experience ...

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  • Sillyness

    Why so serious?

    Do you know that bring more humour and silliness into your life can literally save you? Now let's see...


    Humour and laughter are a great way to relieve stress and can result in calm and relaxation. And when you are relaxed, you can be free from anxiety and this can make you feel more confident and enhance your self-esteem. That´s a virtuous cycle, just try and see! 


    Being silly can bring you closer to others. People will feel more comfortable around you and will take their guard down when they see you being silly or telling a joke. They will feel less intimidated and will be more willing to interact and connect with you. So take the corage to be a little silly everyday!


    As you get more comfortable at laughing at yourself, you will find that you are well prepared to deal with any situation with dignity and courage. And this is a "must try"...! 


    The child within us needs to be given the chance to thrive! When we let go and listen to the childish voice within us, we’ll enjoy more sunsets, take time to smell flowers, climb trees, play silly games and dare to be free again. This is so liberating...! Just do it! 


    You can either get super worried, angry or stressed out when bad things happen or you can try to see the funny side of life. So much is out of our control. The only thing we can control is how we react to things. The world is often ridiculous – so have a laugh at its expense and you will feel much better! If it’s to laugh later, let’s start now! Just get a new perspective and shine!


    And if it is difficult for you to put any of this into practice now, maybe you need some help to make your life simpler and more magical!

    Helping you in this process is one of my purposes! Look for more information and contact me for more!

  • Mindfulness

    There are simple ways to make our lives simpler. The invitation is to reflect on two actions that are present in us and that, when used in full awareness, can change our lives!

    How to introduce mindfulness in our daily lives?
    We can do this in two ways: formal or informal. At first, I choose a time of day, an adequate space and will adopt a specific posture for a while. In the second, I practice any time: when I'm cooking, run, driving or working.

    In both we work with breathing and thinking. None is better than the other, because what matters is the practice and the consistency with which we do it. In the beginning, it will certainly be challenging. It is with daily habits and persistence that we will feel the immense benefits: in mental, physical, social and emotional health.

    The biggest and most powerful secret here is that it is an individual choice and depends exclusively on us. And it's simple! It does not require specific knowledge, study or extreme dedication. And, in fact, it is also for these reasons that many people do not believe and do not practice.

    I leave you the challenge of looking for more!

  • Training

    With the speed with which the business world is evolving, new capacities are needed, capacities geared towards an increasingly demanding, digital and technical scenario.

    55% of the great agents of Digital Transformation point to the “evolution of consumer behaviors and preferences” as the great catalyst for the corporate world. These features make the flexibility and behavioral plasticity an urgent need!

    After the Digital Transformation is not just about supertecnologias. It is rather about the experience that they can provide the human being!

    For this development to happen and remain consistent, it is essential to work and change behaviors and attitudes. Through communication training and influence this path becomes achievable.

    As companies are people and each reality is unique, the focus will always be on building tailor-made solutions!